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Marriage counseling

Online Marriage Counseling in Roswell, GA

Open and honest communication is key when addressing marital problems and marriage counseling offers a safe and neutral space for couples to discuss, confront, and solve their issues. At PersonALL Counseling, Dr. Ramey offers professional and empathic telehealth therapy to help you and your partner tackle your woes and bolster your relationship. For more information about our marriage counseling services, contact us at your earliest convenience or book an online to schedule an appointment. We serve clients from Roswell GA, Mountain Park GA, Dunwoody GA, Sandy Springs GA, Alpharetta GA, and surrounding areas.

Marriage counselor Near Me in Roswell, GA
Marriage counselor Near Me in Roswell, GA

Table of Contents:

What is the role of a marriage counselor?
Does counseling really help marriages?
Who Should Seek Marriage Counseling?
Is marriage counseling covered under insurance?

Marriage counseling focuses on giving those in relationships a safe place to talk about their troubles so that they can be worked on and resolved in a mutually beneficial manner. In these sessions, a certified counseling specialist helps couples diagnose and navigate relationship problems while also aiding them in developing practical solutions. 

What is the role of a marriage counselor?

A licensed marriage counselor, also known as a couple’s counselor or marital therapist, offers clinical services for couples struggling with mental health issues, psychological concerns, and/or relationship issues. They are trained to listen, guide, and mediate conversations between two or more individuals participating in a relationship, helping to improve clarity and communication. 

Overall, the role of a marriage counselor is to: 

• Provide counseling services to those looking to improve the health of their relationship. 
• Provide a safe space for couples to talk openly and honestly about their concerns. 
• Offer tools and resources to bolster open and healthy communication. 
• Identify obstacles within the couple’s relationship. 
• Help facilitate difficult conversations and positive change. 
• Providing mediation services and guiding conversations as needed.
• Coordinating treatment and offering referrals when necessary. 

Does counseling really help marriages?

When both partners are thoroughly committed to the process, and when they find the right therapist to guide their sessions, the benefits of counseling are abundant. It takes both people being fully invested in exploring, bettering, and being honest about their relationship for therapy to be effective.

When these criteria are met, marriage counseling can help participants to:  

• Improve their communication skills. 
• Discover underlying issues that are causing problems. 
• Have increased levels of empathy towards their partner. 
• Better understand their partner’s point of view. 
• Accept one another. 
• Build a network of mutually shared support. 
• Restore emotional and physical intimacy. 
• Decrease feelings of emotional detachment. 
• Improve emotional resilience. 
• Bolster healthy methods of coping and communication. 
• Repair trust that may have been lost.  
• Feel safe and secure in a neutral environment. 

Marriage counseling has the ability to help resolve new and pre-existing conflicts that have become disruptive. It can be a valuable tool in helping you and your partner identify what you need on an individual level and from your relationship. 

Who Should Seek Marriage Counseling?

Marriage counseling is for anyone that would like to strengthen their existing relationship, or who believes they could benefit from professional support when it comes to addressing specific areas of contention. 

This may be an appropriate path for partners or individuals that are struggling with:  

• Abuse. 
• Addictions. 
• Affairs. 
• Attachment insecurities or dependency issues. 
• Differences in parenting styles. 
• Difficult childhood upbringings. 
• Feeling emotionally unsupported. 
• Feeling like they have fallen out of love with their partner. 
• Feeling unappreciated by their partner. 
• Feelings of emotional distance and loneliness.
• Financial woes that are impacting the relationship. 
• Opening up in an honest and emotional way.
• Persistent or reoccurring conflict from unresolved issues.  
• Poor communication habits.
• Relationships within their immediate and/or extended family. 
• Sexual intimacy. 
• Trauma. 
• Trust and commitment issues. 
• Unequal decision-making.
• Untreated anxiety, depression, or other mental health issues. 

A well-trained marriage therapist can support you in implementing relationship strategies and communication tools to aid in healthy relationship behaviors. This can help you and your partner to shift away from unhealthy dynamics in your relationship. 

Is marriage counseling covered under insurance?

Unfortunately, marriage counseling is not typically covered by insurance. 

Your insurance may provide full or partial coverage if the need for counseling directly arises from a mental health condition, but this is at the discretion of your provider. It’s always best to check your individual plan, or to contact the insurance company directly, to see what types of coverage are available to you. 

If you’re looking for professional and affordable marriage therapy, contact us today at PersonAll Counseling. We offer comprehensive care that allows you and your partner to communicate in a safe and neutral environment with a member of our experienced team. For more information, reach out at your earliest convenience. Or, if you’re ready to book with one of our relationship specialists, you can book an appointment online. We serve clients from Roswell GA, Mountain Park GA, Dunwoody GA, Sandy Springs GA, Alpharetta GA, and surrounding areas.